10/02/16 WeWriWa


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OK, my stuff.  My characters don’t get much private time, and when they do, things can get interesting.  Shannon and Hunter get a brief respite from their routine.  They’ve been contemplating a change in their relationship for months.  Of course, nothing is ever simple.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“You don’t owe me an explanation, Hunter. We’re different, we’re always going to be different, and the choices we make sometimes hurt.”

I was going to say, I’ve thought about it, and I don’t just give up and walk away.”

She didn’t understand, a brief shrug indicating he’d lost her. “You didn’t have to stay here with me, you know, the other side of the duplex is ten feet away.”

When we were all back in Cody, I told Mac I wouldn’t add complications to your life, until we’d taken care of the problem. It surprised me when you showed up here unannounced. The point is, if you’re willing, I’m willing – let’s see where this goes.”

Are we talking about sex?”

I am.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The good news is – Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood is available for pre-order at Amazon, and will be released on Oct. 20.  Of this year!  Other ebook formats will be available the same day, and a paperback edition as soon as I can manage to deal with the formatting.  Reserve one now, if you’d like.


Other books in the series can be found at my website – http://www.topaz08.com

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