9/11/16 WeWriWa


And that’s the blog you want to visit for a whole batch of exciting and diverse snippets.

Sorry I’ve been absent.  Between Real Life, formatting, and editing, I’ve run out of summer.  Here’s my snippet, then more news about my projects. This is a scene between Wade and Vance, protagonist and antagonist, and they both know there’s nothing they can do about being adversaries.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You’re leaving her, in my city, in charge of a military force? A teenage girl? I’ve seen her throwing what amounts to temper tantrums, when she doesn’t get her way.”

Smug with himself, Wade told him, “She’s twenty, now. When she gets her mind set in an idea, she makes sure I know it. Shan is just like me, she knows what she’s doing. You don’t have to approve, but she’s my senior officer here.”

Not ‘just like you’,” Vance pointed out. “We both know that.”

Wade shrugged off the ominous comment.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood is in its final edits and should be available in a few weeks.  Yay me!

In other series news, Backlash and The Vista are both available in paperback now, as well as ebook formats.  So is Hunter’s Moon.

I have a new sci-fi started.  It’s a apocalypse/time travel/dimensional travel thing just in rough draft.  It’s a great idea, I just have to put it down in words.  This one is going to be a bit more graphic in adult content.

I think that’s it.  Follow the graphic to my website for links to everything that’s available.

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