WeWriWa 05/15/16


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This is Shannon and Green, after a close encounter. No, not ~that~ kind! Read on & you’ll see.  From the WIP Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood, by S. A. Hoag.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“When you filed a flight plan with the airport manager in Estes Park,” she said cautiously. “What did you list as our departure time?”

“6:30 AM, about an hour, hour and a half ago.”

“So we’d have been east of the Medicine Bow Range now,” she sniffed, wiping her face dry.

He nodded, “A lot of open space to the east and Rocky Mountains to the west. With Flight One ahead of us, we’d have just disappeared and no one would have ever known why.” Green watched Shan and her expression never changed. “Do you think it was Vance?”

“I don’t know,” she admitted.

“If you thought Wade was being unsociable before, this is going to set records.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood is available on all formats. Renegades will be available this autumn.



13 thoughts on “WeWriWa 05/15/16

  1. So someone tried to kill them off without a trace, but it sounds like they weren’t where they were supposed to be and that’s messed up the plan. Good for them, but the threat is still there.

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