SFR Brigade Showcase – May 2016


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Is it Science Fiction Romance?  That seems to be an ongoing question.  The easy part – is it Sci-Fi?  The difficult part is the romance.  In most sci-fi worlds, there are a lot of things happening.  Romance and sex are going to happen, too, that’s just how life is.  I figure, if one or more characters are motivated by love/sex/romantic ideas, the answer is yes.  And it’s not a bad thing.  Anyone that looks down their nose at a ‘romance’ book isn’t paying attention.  Life is motivated by that chance at love.  Without it, what’s the point of merely existing?  So grab a book and enjoy it, whatever labels are tacked on.

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Is my current novella Sci-fi?  And is it romance?  I sit here, laughing.  So many labels could be stuck on this one. Fantasy, Urban Myths, Sci-fi, romance, adult, NSFW? Yes, there is adult content. Is it romance? Considering the characters, I’d have to say yes, but again, no spoilers.

Lyra studies vampires, the minuo, that’s her job.  Figuring out where they came from and if there’s a chance to contain the spread of the infection are her goals.  Yep, Sci-fi.

Romance?  That would be telling.  Hey!  Here’s an excerpt.  Lyra is discussing current events with her brother.  Things are not what they seem.

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“What does ‘Samael’ mean to you?” I hadn’t specifically put that in my written report and I sure as hell hadn’t told Jerry. I don’t know why, but it feels like one of those secrets.

Morgan half-heartedly shrugs. “A lot of ancient text consider ‘Samael’ to be the angelic name of Lucifer; others call him ‘the angel of death’.” He mulled on it a few moments, letting me lead him back to my cozy corner. I motion for another round of drinks. “Is that what your shapeshifter called himself?” he finally asks.

“Yea, it is.”

“He is neither,” Morgan tells me.

“I know,” I say.

He said it to scare you.”

“It worked.”

“If I thought this was all an elaborate trap, do you think I’d be letting you get on that airplane tomorrow?” he asks in all seriousness.

“It is an elaborate trap, Morgan, just not for me.”

“At the end of all this, you need to remember which side you are on.” He knows how easy it is to get lost when you’re working both sides.

“I know.”

“Don’t let Jerry get you in to something you can’t handle.” He’s beginning to sound like my father, or something.

“I won’t.”

“Be careful,” he repeats.

“With every breath I take,” I tell him.

Morgan has to get the last word in. “Stop letting Voitec run your life.”

What in the hell else am I supposed to do?

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Hunter’s Moon
is an Urban Mythos Novella.  I plan on a series of these urban myth stories; this is the first, and it’s on sale right now for 99¢. Also available at Kobo.


Lyra Alexander considers herself an archeologist, a job that normally wouldn’t be very dramatic or dangerous. The problem with her job, however, is that she studies vampires. And they aren’t too thrilled about being studied.

In this world, there are all kinds of creatures prowling in the night . . . Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain.

8 thoughts on “SFR Brigade Showcase – May 2016

  1. I enjoyed your introspection as to whether this work is a romance. You aren’t alone; RWA has gone through much in the last few years trying to define whether a book is a romance or not.

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