#8Sunday 05/01/16 WeWriWa


And that’s the blog you want to visit to find teasers of some amazing book from some amazing authors.  I have to play catch-up this week because I’ve been falling behind.  But, now a few words from my WIP Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood.  This is a continuation from last week.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Green was yelling at her, or something like it. His mouth was moving but there was no sound. She wondered disjointedly what had happened to his voice. He moved, getting to his knees, trying to get her moving.

Where’s Wade?” she shouted, the steady ringing in her ears making her own words sound distant.

He caught her face to get her attention and make her look at him. “Can you understand what I’m saying?” he asked, mouthing the words so she could read his lips.

Yes,” she nodding vigorously, making her vision spin, equilibrium gone.

The structure is unstable,” he pointed at the gaping hole over them. “We have to get out.”

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ha!  that’s all this week.  You can catch up on the story arc with The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood by following the promo link. Available on all formats.



12 thoughts on “#8Sunday 05/01/16 WeWriWa

  1. I agree with Ed. The way you have written in the blast induced loss of hearing is brilliant. It is like the scene slows down, and all the details-except the sound- becomes crystal clear…. Excellent snippet, Sheila

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  2. Good thing Green is still functioning! Yes, I agree with the other commenters, it’s very effective the way your character was deafened by the blast and kind of doesn’t realize it yet. Good snippet!

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