#8Sunday 04/24/16

I’ve been sadly neglecting my blog this week.  Bad me.  To make up for it, some brand new words from the almost-book.  First, go check out the WeWriWa blog, because there’s an entire gang of amazing authors that hang out there.



And now, some words, arranged aesthetically to please me.  Hopefully some future readers, too.  This is from Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood, and Team Three, having a bit of a bad day.  Renegades will be released later this year.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stopping, Shan asked, “What is that noise?” It was a high-pitched whine, and since Green was shaking his head, she understood he didn’t hear it. A moment later, there was loud popping sounds, nothing like gunfire. He grabbed her.

Then the world lit up as bright as the sun. Like an . . .

Explosion, Shan thought. She was suddenly on the ground, trying to cover her head, Green shielding her. There was blue sky where the roof had been, and heavy black smoke billowing up. It was odd, there was no noise with it. She thought there should be noise.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood is available now & I’d love it if you’d read it!


Road in the mountains at rain


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