WeWriWa 03/13/16 #8Sunday

Ahhh, another weekend.  This one is going to be dusty, here in the desert.

Check out the WeWriWa page for some amazing authors and their 8.


OK, here’s the sneak peek at my newest venture, Hunter’s Moon. Another encounter between the MCs. As it’s a novella, it will be released next and I’m aiming for the end of April or the first week of May. By next weekend, I should have a firm date set.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The keycard to my room flashes red and won’t let me in. I have about an hour before I am supposed to be leaving for Monterrey, and I’m locked out of my room. I step back to study the situation and collide with a brick wall that wasn’t there five seconds ago. The breath stops in my throat. I’m standing in full sunlight coming from the window here at the end of the hall, so whoever I’ve backed into is scarier than a vampire. My brain tells me this as I teeter on the edge of panic.

I spin around and he already knows I’m going for a throat strike. He swats my hand away like I’m five. So much for martial arts training. ‘Samael’ smiles at me like I’m lunch as he pushes me back into the door.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You can read excerpts from Hunter’s Moon and all my books at my website.




13 thoughts on “WeWriWa 03/13/16 #8Sunday

  1. Ah – the desert – might be dusty but a lack of snow!
    Great snippet – loved the line about the martial arts training 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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