Renegades Snippet

I missed my usual weekend blog posting this week. I’ve been getting some lapidary work done this week, something I can’t in the summer because it’s too hot. Now that I’ve ground up some rocks, figured out suppers for the rest of the weekend, and ironed out a sticky plot point, I’m ready to go.

In celebration, a snippet! I’m not giving out any spoilers today. This is from the WIP Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood. The bad news is – they’re in a teeny tiny airplane, not a car. The really bad news is – they’re lost, running out of fuel, ect. You get the idea.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Do we have enough fuel to make it to Lyons, straight-shot?” Shan asked, not worried yet. She might be, soon enough.

Green read the gauge and did some quick calculating. “It’ll be close.”

“I keep trying to raise someone on the radio. If there’s a reply, problem solved. If not, we make for Estes Park. You find a road on your computer. We get as close as we can, and call an emergency at the Lyons airstrip.”

“I’m glad you have that much confidence in my flying skills. My landing skills,” Green corrected. “In deteriorating weather, the dark.”

“I do,” Shan said.

“You, Capt. Allen, are bat-shit crazy, then.”

“Because I trust you?”

“Because you trust the mountains and the storm not to kill us tonight.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And there’s that. Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildbood has a release date of Feb., 2016.

Available on KU now.


Backlash is free in all markets right now.

Country road with a dark sky

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