WeWriWa – It’s A Weekend

WeWriWa is an awesome blogging group that posts snippets and teasers to works in progress, new books, and other exciting writing projects. Check them out.


Weekend again. I’ve started a serious push to get a draft finished because February will be here really soon. No more lollygagging. I seem to work better with a deadline, which is crazy, but I guess that’s me.

Now my few words to entertain you. This bit is Hunter and Shannon, wandering the Rocky Mountains with few clues about what they’re getting involved in.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Jacob Lowery’s town,” Shan said, thinking about it for a few moments.

“What?” Hunter asked. “Do you even know where it is?”

“South,” she decided, dusting off her backside.

“Ya think?” Hunter cocked his head sideways and just looked at her, perplexed as always.

She was unaware that he’d been driving them in wide circles. Wyoming looked like Colorado looked like Montana as long as he stayed in the mountains and she spent most of the days sleeping. Plus the pain pills were keeping her groggy.

“Are we going to walk there?” Hunter asked.

“We can walk, or we can lug all these guns with us and trade for a horse or two the next time we run across Nomads that are reasonably friendly.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’ve also listed The Vista on Kindle Unlimted this week.

Environmental disaster

Backlash is free for these 3 months as well. It’s novella sized and a prequel to the series.

Country road with a dark sky


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