Mid-Week Snippet

Ah, it’s Tuesday. I think. I’ve got some promo ideas in the works. As of tomorrow (Nov. 4), Backlash will be free everywhere. Well, everywhere as soon as Amazon catches up. You know how that works. The Vista will be going KDP Select also, for 90 days anyway. I’m trying something new, looking for that niche to sell a few books. Must remember to update the website too, or anyone that happens to stop by will be lost.

So, a short snippet from the WIP Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood. Team Three is scattering across the Front Range. Sure, they’re looking for answers to some questions they can’t get in The Vista, but there’s going to be some soul-searching, too. And, you know, renegades. At least one of them is going to go all out with that. Plus that new romance hinted at all through the first book is going to get some attention. Other stuff as well, but that’s for later. Here’s a few words.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“We’ve had no real preparation for this,” Shan offered.

“How could we?” Wade said. “We go do what we can. We see what we can see, we make contacts where we find other people. We watch, we learn.”

“We hope for a little good luck,” Mac added, feeling Wade’s disdain of the word.

“Luck?” Wade repeated.

“Yeah, yeah,” Mac said. “You don’t believe in luck. A year ago, you didn’t believe there were cities scattered across the country either.”

“Not the point. I’m going to find out about those cities. I don’t have to have permission from anyone. Neither do you. We’re not prisoners. If you aren’t afraid of the Council, you should do the same thing.”

“I’ve got Cody to run,” Mac disagreed. “Priorities.”

“Damned right,” Shan added.

“I understand whatever decision you make. I’ve made mine.” Wade got the last word in, as usual, their contact breaking into three distinct parts before it faded away.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now, promos. I bet you could have guess that. Amazon is still at 99 cents but the other places have all changed over to free. Backlash is the prequel novella and answers a few questions about Team Three and The Vista.


As of tomorrow, KDP Select. The link on this page will be updated as soon I have it listed. PS – the graphic is a cover mock-up, I use S. A. Hoag on this series.


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