#8Sunday for July 26, 2015

#8Sunday! Well, I’m pretty certain I can come up with 8 sentences. First though, check out

Many intriguing 8s there!

All right, mine. This is from Book 2 of The Wildblood Series, and yes, I really need to get it a name. Due out in December.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Are you breaking up Team Three?” Taylor asked, not caring that Wade was getting tired of the question by now.

“No,” Wade repeated patiently. “Just because we won’t physically been in the same place doesn’t mean we aren’t Team Three.”

“And the rest of us will be in Cody, or The Vista, waiting for what?”

“Waiting for nothing in particular. This is what Team Three has trained for all our lives – to get out of Montana and see what’s left of the world. Or at least, the Rocky Mountain region.”

“What if it’s the same as every other place we’ve looked?”

“Then we’ll know.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I’ve got no spiffy graphic for today, so here’s a link to my website. You can find both books, The Vista and Backlash, there, in all the available formats.


This is a direct link to Amazon.

mini_cover_backlash Yes-EndingComposite05

9 thoughts on “#8Sunday for July 26, 2015

  1. “Then we’ll know.” That is so Wade. I like his character.

    One thing jumped out at me–I know, it’s a first draft. “Just because we won’t physically been in the…” “Been” might not be the word you wanted. 🙂

    I have to get my book review posted for Backlash. I’ll try to get to it this week. 🙂

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  2. I would be interested in reading the synopsis for this one. When I read your 8 sentences, I wanted to know what Team 3 was and why whatever they were doing required being on a team to accomplish.

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    1. Holly – sorry for the delay in a reply. My husband has had a sudden, serious health problem and I’ve done zero work on my writing. I’m getting back to it now. I’d love to send you a synopsis, or something, about this one. It’s book 2 in a series, FYI. Do you have an email where I could contact you?


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