Ahhh, another weekend, another chance to evaluate that I haven’t written nearly as many words this week as I wish I had. There’s always next week. Before I get to my 8, here’s the blog that’s made it all possible. Check it out for more fun snippets.


Now, a bit of Book 2 of The Wildblood series.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“The other air burst were east and south, one directly over downtown Denver and the third, the airport. All happened within five or six minutes.” He’d been in charge of Estes Park a few years, having moved north for a more secured city as his base of operations. The southern sections were troublesome. Several towns were under his jurisdiction, but there was a large and empty landscape where Denver used to be.

The camera moved as he’d indicated, east, then south, lingering on each a full minute. “Got it,” Green leaned over her shoulder, watching the feed. Their radiation monitor hadn’t ticked up and that had been his main concern. The boundary went from normal readings to dangerous ones in the space of a few miles. By air, those miles went by very quickly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, that ended up being 10.

Pretty soon, there’ll be some romance! No, really. Here’s the promos for the prequel & The Vista (Book 1). Give ’em a read, let me know what you think! Backlash is 99 cents always.

Country road with a dark sky


Both those go to Amazon; if you prefer other book sellers, you can find them all on my website.

See you next week!

6 thoughts on “#8Sunday

  1. Oh my goodness, sounds scary but intriguing! Does they know what caused those bursts? Is it likely to happen again, while they’re there? If it does happen again, will they be safe? 0.o

    Putting on my moderator’s hat for just a second. Thanks for including a backlink, but kindly adjust the address it leads to. You’ve got your own blog address in there. I’m sure we’ve all done that! If you could fix that, I’d appreciate it. Hope to see you next week!

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  2. I like how you portray his concerns about the dangers of crossing the line but … well, radioactivity (particularly airborne radioactive materials) doesn’t just stay in one place. There might be a ground line where the dose gets too bad, but not in the air, where currents and airstreams are constantly circulating things. Have you seen how they take people on tours of Chernobyl these days? People can walk in the buildings without special equipment (they are tested). Just don’t touch an of the living matter… http://wikitravel.org/en/Chernobyl

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