#SFFSat – All New Snippet

Ah! It’s that time again, for a SFFS post. First – the blog that started it all. Go have a peek.

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And now, a few lines from my WIP. It’s the 2nd book in The Wildblood series and I expect to have it out in December, 2015. It doesn’t have a name yet, just Book 2.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“This is one of three air bursts,” Vance said, pointing to the video monitor. It was aimed east twenty miles and recording. Wade would look at it later. The grouping of buildings was isolated and more than that, destroyed. Melted, irradiated, and nothing remained that looked like it had ever been occupied by a human being.

“Rocky Flats,” Shan said carefully. There were no ghosts, no remnants of the past, crowding into her thoughts. She was glad for that, having firsthand experience with a nuclear detonation. This place was . . . null.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The prequel novella, Backlash, is available now. Because it’s a new release, I have it listed at Amazon for 99 cents, for a limited time.


The Vista (Book 1) is also available at Amazon.


Both are available at other retailers – check out my website for those links.

Comments always welcomed.

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