#8Sunday WeWriWa!

WeWriWa! #8Sunday! I love sharing snippets. Here’s some other great artists at WeWriWa that do too!


This snippet is from my WIP Backlash, release date June 22, 2015. It’s in the middle of a car vs. helicopter chase.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Imminent Code Seven,” Shannon announced on the air. Anyone that could hear her would understand. “Three miles south of Robber’s Roost. It’s the Black Hawk; I can feel it coming up from the lake, I think. It’s going to intercept me before I get to the overlook.”

“You’ve got a V8 in that car and you’re a Scout,” Mac came back immediately. “You floor it and find a place to fucking hide . . .”

“Officer Allen, we’re five minutes away,” Wade cut in.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Vista is available now at Amazon and Kobo.

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