SFFSat! and a Release Date

It’s that time again! Check out the wonderful authors showcasing some of their works here.

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My snippet – this is a draft and is subject to revisions, of course. Team Three is neck-deep in hostile raiders and the concern is about how a rookie might react to the events transpiring. Backlash is the prequel to The Vista and tentative release date is June 22, 2015.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Officer Allen, I’d prefer if you take my car and go watch the access road for our reinforcements,” Wade told her.

She squinted at the fading fire beyond the trees. “No, Wade, I can’t,” Shan told him, quietly enough Green barely heard it.

“Are you sure? One of them will talk. It could get bloody here and I don’t want that blood on your hands.”

“It’s your call,” she told him. “If I left and more of them showed, that would be my responsibility; leaving you without backup.”

“Never a word, not even to Mac.”

She tilted her head, signaling she understood.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Vista is available now at
Amazon and Kobo


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