Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday!


Here’s some words from my WIP, Backlash. It’s the novella prequel to The Vista and you can find the Amazon link at the bottom of this post.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“They’re going to open fire to flush us out,” Shan warned, looking for an escape route.

“Up,” Green said. “Get up a sturdy tree, now. Quiet, quick, try not to break any branches.”

Holstering her handgun, she looked around and grabbed a low branch, pulling herself up. Green followed her. Ten feet off the ground, he got a hand on her butt and shoved, urging her higher. “Watch it,” she whispered.

“Unless you want to get shot tonight, stop worrying about me grabbing your ass and climb,” he told her. “At least twenty feet, thirty would be better.”

She stopped when she had to, when the branches started being to thin to hold them both. They were well over twenty feet up. Green motioned for her to move down to a sturdier limb, putting himself right next to her and extremely close. He was both shielding her and hanging on to the trunk, knowing he might catch hell later for it. She was convinced she could take care of herself.

A Nomad wandered directly under the same tree, oblivious. Neither of them dared to move. A falling pine cone could end it all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And that’s all for today!

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