WeWriWa #8Sunday


Welcome to #8Sunday! Visit the website for many awesome authors and a glimpse of some of their work. Now, my 8 from Backlash, the prequel novella to The Vista, release date next month! In this, Wade and Shannon are discussing what is expected of rookie officers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I wasn’t questioning you, I was questioning the conditions. If I’m going to be out there a week or better, I want to know what to expect,” Shan offered.

“Expect to be doing a lot of driving,” Wade already had a plan, it was what he did. “You’ll have your own room. You’ve been to the depot, you understand it’s going to be crowded. Expect quick, plain meals, a warm place to sleep and more hours than you’re used to. Expect to learn more in the next week than you have all summer. If I catch you slacking off or not doing your job, expect that I’ll stick you back in dispatch for another year.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Vista is now available at Amazon!

Cover by Joe Kawano.


5 thoughts on “WeWriWa #8Sunday

  1. Love that cover. Really love that cover. As for what Shannon’s going to be dealing with…. sounds like it’s going to be challenging. But, I have a sense you’re going to make sure she pulls through (eventually).

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