Teaser Tuesday

I think I missed last week – I’ll try not to let that happen again.

First – check out the Group. Many talented writers hand out here, and they’re very nice!


Now for the teaser. It’s from my WIP called Backlash, a prequel novella to The Vista. Due to be released in June, 2015. A cover reveal will be happening soon.

No intro needed really, it’s part of a car chase.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Want to drive?” Taylor asked.

“Where are we?” Shannon sat up peering out into the darkness.

“We’ll be turning around at the Dillon exit in about five minutes. Gas it, switch off and I’ll get in a nap.”

“I wasn’t asleep.” Dressed in winter camos over body armor, they could’ve been twins. At any distance, she was indiscernible from her male counterparts.

“It looked that way to me,” he smirked.

“I was talking to Wade.”

That made him think twice about it, raising an eyebrow. “Alright, you win that one, Shan. What’s going on?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Vista is available at Amazon now.

Cover art by Joe Kawano.


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