Teaser Tuesday

So it’s Tuesday already? Huh. The week has zipped by; the book has been out 5 days. Wow. Also, check out the SciFi Romance Group on Facebook. Click on the banner to be magically transported there. But finish reading my blog first.


And now, a Teaser for Tuesday. This is from The Vista.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It always started the same. Shan could hear the helicopters, feel the beat of their blades against the cold morning air, somewhere far in the distance. It only sounded like one, but she knew there were two. After a few moments, she realized she wasn’t at Depot South. They were UH-60s, Black Hawks, painted in desert camo with no other markings. One was armed with a pair of M60 machine guns, the other had a TOW missile system. Security hadn’t been able to lure them away. She was in The Vista. The helicopters had found them.

Thrashing around, she sat up, going for her gun hanging from the bedpost. And it was over just as fast. Shan was shaking, from the cold and from the nightmare. It was sometime long past dark. It had woke Wade too, and she knew he was home in The Vista. She waited, wrapping the blanket around herself. Moments later, Mac was there. He didn’t bother to knock.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Vista, available now on Amazon.


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