WeWriWa #8Sunday

First off, here’s the link to more #8Sunday blogs. Check ’em out; I know I love comments.


Now, my 8. The is from the prequel novella to ‘The Vista’, tentatively called ‘The Blackout’. ‘The Vista’ is due for release this month, the novella sometime this summer. Both are sci-fi post-apocalyptic action-adventures with a dash of romance. Yep, something for everyone!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

‘The Blackout’ excerpt by S. A. Hoag

“Even if you didn’t contribute anything that goes on between us,” Shan tapped her temple, “Here, I’d want you there for the support because we never know what the hell could happen.” She was on the verge of anger. “That’s not the case. When you’re close, it’s easier for me to sense things. Maybe you’re a catalyst, maybe it’s just because I trust you and Wade without questioning why.” Taking a breath, she added, “If you think you’re not important to the team, you’re just wrong.”

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders. It wasn’t easy to cuddle in tactical gear, but Mac made the effort.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m not really certain about the structure of the first sentence. It may need to be two. Thoughts on that are appreciated.

See you next weekend.

5 thoughts on “WeWriWa #8Sunday

  1. Does “here” refer to in her head (she’s tapping her temple)? I think it could be clearer. You can tap your temple while talking, of course, but if you break it out a bit, it might be better. Other than that, it comes out like a scold, and I think that’s what you were shooting for.

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  2. “Here” is in her head, yes. Luckily, this is a first draft and I can fix everything! TY all for comments. When you stare at something long enough, you can miss the obvious.


  3. I agree with Veronica about the hug. Personally, I wouldn’t mind hearing a little more about how a person does go about hugging in tactical gear; it might tell us a lot about what they’re wearing.

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