POV – Hunter


So today we have an interview with Hunter, one of the main characters of ‘The Vista’ not on Team Three. As an outsider and a rookie to Vista Security, perhaps you can share some thoughts on current events, without giving away to many spoilers, of course. First off, tell us about yourself and how you ended up in The Vista.

I can’t really discuss the details of why and how I wandered into The Vista almost a year after the war. Here I am. For five years after that, until I turned 16, Owen Dallas was my legal guardian. As Maj. Dallas, he was my partner when I transferred from the Caravans to Security. Personal stuff, what I will tell you is that I live alone. I like going to the club or a bar on my nights off. No particular women in my life. I help out at the stables when they need a hand with the horses and I work part-time at the brewery. Good beer is good beer. I build furniture in my living room in the winter because I can. I’m pretty adept at it.

You said ‘no particular women’ . . .

I did. Next question.

Alright. Why did you move from the Caravans to Security?

I’d been with the Caravans for a decade. That’s a long time to go digging through dead cities like a Scavenger. Pretty soon, you start to feel like one yourself. I needed the change.

What surprised you most about Security?

How close-knit they are. Sure, there are cliques in any group, with good reason in Security. You mess with one, you mess with them all, rookie or not. I like those family sort of ties.

You say ‘them’ – are you part of Security now?

Yes. For a lot of reasons.

What about Team Three?

I’m not at liberty to discuss Team Three.

Then you won’t be able to discuss what happened during your journey to Colorado.


Alright. Let’s get to a subject I know our readers are interested in – Capt. Allen, Shannon.

Shannon. We could spend weeks talking about Shannon and only scratch the surface. Women are complicated to begin with. She’s . . .

You find words difficult.

About her? She doesn’t fit into words.

You must be able to say something about her. It’s been a year since you met.

We’ve been through a lot, personally and professionally. If anyone else – anyone – thinks I’m going to walk away, they’re in for a rude awakening. Saying ‘She’s spoken for’ isn’t going to cut it. That’s her decision.

She’s the ‘particular woman’ you don’t want to talk about?

And yet, here we are, talking about her. Like I said, it’s up to her what happens next.

Is she aware of that?

Very aware.

You weren’t expecting her at all, were you? How did you meet?

No, I wasn’t. She told me to get the hell out of her way, out on the interstate one night, then she came looking to chew my ass out because I didn’t do it fast enough. I knew right at that moment I was in trouble.

So it was love at first sight.

Not for her certainly. She spent months ignoring me.

And you?

I wouldn’t use the word ‘love’, not when I first met her.

Now would you?

Yes, I think I would.

We can expect to see you in the second book of The Widblood series?

Absolutely. You’ll also find out more about who, and what, The Wildblood are.

Do you think The Vista to be your permanent home?

At this point, I can’t say. There’s a lot going on in my life. If I had to guess, I’d say the odds are even. Time will tell.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

‘The Vista’, Book 1 of The Wildblood will be available very soon. Ridiculously soon. Really. Check back here or on my Facebook page for details, links, and info about all my upcoming books.


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