I got a look at the sketch that will be my cover – insert fangirl squee here!  I’m excited.  The cover is what grabs me when I’m browsing, I have to think this is true for a lot of people.  My fingers are crossed.

I need to give my technical editor a nudge.  It’s time, I have a copyright to get as soon as he’s done, then off to be formatted.  I suppose I need to make mention somewhere that this is the first in a series.  Could be 2 books, could be 20.  (I suppose that’s daydreaming, but it’s my dream.)

Must go make a list of things I need to do in the next month.  I’m sure I’ll forget something.

Does She or Doesn’t She

I want the novella to be a stand alone story, in case readers get to it before ‘The Vista’.  Somehow, I was under the impression it would be simpler to write it, seeing that the world was already created and characters were set in their ways.  This is a prequel, however, so not so fast.  Readers want to know!  By the time I get the important things down, I’ll be over 20,000 words.

The events in the novella will solidify the main characters bonds with each other and set them on a path that leads to the events of ‘The Vista’.   I think it will make a great story because it’s that important.  It has lots of action, some background information not previously included, and yes, the romance we hear all about in “The Vista’.

The working title is ‘The Blackout’.  I don’t think I’ll keep that, since there are so many books/movies out there already using that name.