02/01/15 WeWriWa / #8sunday

This is my first WeWriWa / 8 sentence Sunday. It looks like fun. The excerpt is from ‘The Vista’, my post-apocalyptic sci-fi action-adventure (say that fast three times!).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“It wasn’t particularly safe.”

“Specifically?” Wade persisted.

Shan looked to Mac for some sort of support.

“So why didn’t you go in?” Mac asked, being no help at all. “We know how you love driving the big cities.”

“Nomads, Scavengers, giant cockroaches, zombies, tidal wave, radiation, rogue comet . . . “ Wade made her a list to pick from.

“Helluva list there,” Mac pointed out.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“The Vista’ will be released through Amazon in Feb., 2015. That’s THIS month! You can read other excerpts right here on my blog.

Check out the Weekend Writing Warriors website for more amazing writers.

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