The good news is that I’ve gotten 3500+ words down for the prequel to ‘The Vista’. It’s progressing really well. I’m starting to consider a title for it, and I better get ‘cover art’ on that list of things to do. The more detail I get, the more I’m convinced it would have been a bad idea to have this attached to ‘The Vista’. What I hope is that it’s going to give a little insight into various relationships and events of the past that motivate characters.

Also, writing a novella isn’t any less complicated than going for a full length book. It might be more complicated because there is so much less time/space to set everything up. At any rate, I’m having fun with it. Creating worlds and messing with the characters I put in them, that’s what I do!

One thought on “WiP

  1. Totally agree that a novella is just as much work as a novel, and maybe more because you have less time/space to world-build. By the same token, I think readers expect less set up with a novella, so you can afford a little more “short-hand” than you could in a novel. 🙂

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