Almost There

It’s getting to be countdown time until ‘The Vista’ is released. On Amazon for certain, and other places. There will be a limited print version. It’s like the week before Christmas here, the anticipation is crazy. So, just to tease potential readers a little more, here’s an excerpt.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Excerpt from ‘The Vista’

“It’s my job to see that you both understand this. You can’t discuss it with
anyone, ever. Not girlfriends, not parents. Chris, you can’t talk about it with Kyle. Jason can’t talk about it with Pacifica. That’s the oath you took and it supersedes all others. The only case where you can discuss this outside Team Three would be with Security Command.”

“They know about it? About you?” Chris had no clue what would be offensive to call it and what wouldn’t. Or if he could even say it.

Shan rubbed her eyes. It was another one of those gray areas, and there were so many. “I can say, what we are isn’t an issue with Security Command. We’re in no danger from them having that knowledge.”

“But you are from others? In danger?” Noel asked.

“Before the war, there were specific groups that didn’t think we should be allowed to exist. There’s a good chance some of that sentiment is still around, in one form or another.”

“What does that mean?” Chris asked.

“They wanted us exterminated. Why do you think Wade created The ‘Conda?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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