Evolution of ‘The Vista’

When I say ‘it’s been a long time in the making’, I’m not kidding.  The original seed of this story was jotted down 17 years ago.  I was writing what I thought would be my first book.  When I’d hit a spot of writer’s block, I’d switch over to the idea I was messing with that I didn’t think would pan out.

Then my husband got sick.  I was trying to manage a household with 3 kids and him, all on a part-time job.  Writing was forgotten for a while.

Four years ago at Christmastime, I lost my dad.  It wasn’t unexpected, but it made me do a lot of thinking.  My kids are all adults, the hubby is doing as well as he can and I have a little free time.  I dusted off the spiral notebooks full of outlines & ideas.  ‘The Vista’ shouted out louder than the others, and the journey towards finishing a book began again.

The other book is still waiting, along with several more.  It has evolved into a two book story.  I don’t expect the next one, and the next one, and the next one to take quite so long.

So when I see a writer kick out 2 or 3 or 4 books a year, I am jealous.  I want to do that, even if it’s only once.  We shall see how that works for me.  Once ‘The Vista’ is out, I plan on running amok.  You have been warned!

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