My Brain on Insomnia

Yes, I need to get up in a handful of hours and do that thing called work.  I have a great boss; if she catches me sleeping at the desk, she’ll probably bring me coffee, she’s awesome like that.

Wide awake.  The closer I get to ‘The Vista’ going online, the more these nagging little trolls kick away at my skull with their steel-toed boots and their evil taunting laughter.

“What if it sucks?”  “What if it’s boring?”  “What if it makes no damned sense to anyone that will bother to read it?”

That’s what the trolls are saying, right now.  And worse things, trust me.

“What if the reviews make you cry and you never want to write again?”

I can’t imagine a life like that.

“What if it’s so pathetic, no one leaves a review?”

Bite me, evil troll.  Even if all these things are true, I wrote a book.  With a little luck, a little sleep, and some coffee, things will look better in the morning.

For now, there are trolls.

One thought on “My Brain on Insomnia

  1. There will always be trolls. In your brain and online. You will get fewer reviews than you deserve. You will get reviews you don’t deserve. You will get emails from reviewers who want to re-write the book and your characters for you. You will get all kinds of crap you can’t anticipate and aren’t sure if you can handle.

    Shake them all off. You’ve FINISHED a book. 99% of all prospective writers don’t get that far. They start a book. They work on the book. They never finish. If you can finish, you’re the 1%. The cream of the crop. The primus inter pares.

    Keep focused on that goal. Let the trolls beat on the gates. As long as you’re focused on finishing the next book, and the next, they will never break the gate down. 🙂

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