Getting There The Hard Way

Is there an easy way to write a novel?  I don’t think so.  I don’t think I’d enjoy it/hate it so much if there was.

Anyway.  I hope the editing I finished tonight looks as good in the morning.  Odds and ends getting tied up.  After tomorrow, I really will be nit-picking.  Of course, there’s the next one.  It’s not the sequel, although that’s a possibility after ‘The Vista’ sits awhile and I let the characters move on with their lives.  We shall see.  There’s always another story.

Edit Here

So I’m rewriting the interactions between my main character and ‘the bad guy’ in the last couple chapters.  He gets relatively few pages and I want him to be scary  and believable.  I have to make those pages shine!  It’s my weekend, and I’m giving myself a deadline.  Three days, done.

I’ll be over here in the corner, mumbling something horrible about editing.

“The Vista’ Opening Scene

‘The Vista’ Opening Scene – does it grab you?  Does it make you want to read more?


A storm moved in after nightfall, the rain almost ice as it fell from a black sky. No thunder, sparse lightning and that was the worst part of it – the broken, eerie silence between downpours. Shannon didn’t like being in the city for any reason. Twice a week, four months a year she was anyway. It was her job. They might say ghosts weren’t real, but most of ‘them’ had never spent a night in the long dead place. Sometime after midnight, she gave in and headed for home.

Crossing the Continental Divide, the rain turned to snow, huge white flakes splattering on the windshield and not melting. The road was mostly clear. Static on Shannon’s radio was thick, but moments later, she understood two words. Code Seven. Active aggressive incident outside the outer perimeter, but active aggressive still. She kicked it into overdrive and came down the mountain full tilt, pushing the car and pushing her luck on a road known to devour Scouts.

Then the outer marker merely went ‘blip’ as she passed it. If there was an alert, proximity warnings would have gone off all over Security. Alarms should be sounding in Dispatch and her car. She stared at the radio for a moment, realizing what she had stumbled in to.

Wargames. The call-out wasn’t real.