Excerpt 3 from ‘The Vista’

So you know, I’m not going to post the entire book here, just enough to hook you!  So there!  Comments appreciated.

Excerpt 3 from “The Vista’


“She’s stronger than you give her credit for,” Wade told him.

“She is, but this is Mac. You know how she feels about him. How they feel about each other. If something is going to cause problems with the team, my money would be on that.”

“I know,” Wade said. “Do you really think I haven’t considered this?”

“No. Wade, the only weaknesses the three of you have out there, in the field, are each other. And Shannon . . . “ He didn’t have to finish. Taylor shrugged. “Some day, she’s going to find out the truth about a whole lot of things. Who do you think she’s going to be the most pissed at? It won’t be Mac.”

“Don’t you think, once we get to Cody would be a good time to delve into some of those things?”

Taylor nodded. “As good as any, better than most.” He didn’t think Wade had an actual plan for it other than letting things fall apart and picking up the pieces as he could. “And you’re still going to make him second in command of Cody.”

“Yes, I am. Who do you want me to give the position to – Shannon? You? Ballentyne?”

“Oh, hell, I don’t want the job.”

“If Mac goes to Cody, he’ll be second in command, end-of-story. If he doesn’t go, Shan won’t go and then everything we’ve been working for the past five plus years was a waste of time. We want Cody for a reason. You know the reason, I’ve shown you the problem printed out for us in all that pre-war media. It doesn’t matter to me one bit if you like Mac or not, he’s Team Three, just like I am, just like she is.” It wasn’t the first time Wade had words with him over Cody or Mac.

“He’s not just like you,” Taylor pointed out. “You all know it, too.”

“That doesn’t matter. Splitting hairs, Kyle. Don’t. I’m not breaking the team up because of your personal feelings about someone. Team Three is Team Three.”

“Your call, your responsibility.”



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