Excerpt from ‘The Vista’

Excerpt from ‘The Vista’


“The archive has an active file on you. One of the first babies born in The Vista,” Hunter said.

“One of the first that lived,” she amended.

“That pretty much makes you a princess.”

Dallas let it go. If they were going to have a fight, it wasn’t a good time or place, but he’d brought it on himself.

“That makes me immune to the flu. Dallas, have we been here before?” Shan didn’t take the bait.

“Define ‘we ‘ and ‘here’. A team made a cursory inspection eleven years ago. Mostly it was a radiation check.”

“I know I haven’t been here, but this is so familiar,” Shan mused.

“You’ve read about it or seen it in a movie,” Hunter told her.

“Is now really the time you want to piss me off, Lt? I think I know the difference,” she scowled. It was one of those things none of them could explain. Shan had seen the sky burning from the detonation on Missouri Breaks. Wade had seen it from his home. Mac, tucked away in another shelter with his family, witnessed it, because they had. It wasn’t the only thing, it was simply the most evident.

“Shut up both of you,” Dallas said, signaling them to stop.

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