‘The Vista’ Blurb 1

‘The Vista’

A generation after civilization ended itself, the people of The Vista are caught up in their own conflict. Hidden away in the Rocky Mountains, the founders are content to remain isolated. Their children are not, and are attaining positions in the community that will give them the opportunity to venture beyond their secluded valley.

Team Three – Allen, MacKenzie and Wade – Vista Security’s top officers, are at the forefront of that movement. Psychically connected, they believe they are genetically enhanced and are willing to challenge their own laws to discover why.

As they attempt to see what’s in the world beyond The Vista, their very presence makes them targets of a vicious renegade. Their secrets threaten to destroy not only the team, but friends, family and The Vista itself. Learning what they genuinely are could be the only hope Team Three has, if they can stay alive long enough to uncover the truth.

4 thoughts on “‘The Vista’ Blurb 1

  1. Heya! Love the look of the blog. Very eye-catching!

    On the blurb, I’d say it doesn’t hook me fast enough. First paragraph, bam, I should be slavering to read this book. Think about leading with your main characters instead of the world-building? Just a thought. Hope it helps!


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